Herzliya: surfing vacation & Apoloniya national park reserve

Written by Z.Gasner 16-October-2019 (updated 19-May-2020)

The city of Herzliya

Herzliya is a luxurious city in the central coast of Israel, at the Northern part of the Tel Aviv, known for its robust start-up, entrepreneurial culture and its hotels strip.  In 2017 it had a population of 94 thousand. The city is named after Theodor Herzel, the founder of modern Zionism. The city is home to numerous embassies, Hi-tech company headquarters, as well as prominent Israeli business people. The Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center is a private university that was founded in 1994, and it is the most expensive private business school in Israel.

Herzliya has also a sea marine hat was built in the 70’s of the previous century. The city has a small airport that is expected to evacuate out in 2019, three shopping malls, the biggest Israeli movie theaters center called “Cinema-city”, contemporary museums, cultural centers and a football stadium serving the local Maccabi Herzliya team.

Herzliya beaches

Hence Herzliya is a coastal city, it is known for its water sport. “Herzliya –Pro” competition for waves surfing is held every year between 10th-30th of March, subject to the best sea conditions at a given day.  All participates must be over 18 years and registered officially in a surfing club. The location will be “Dabush” beach in Herzliya. Life insurance should be made perior. Under 18 competitors that are registered in formal surfing  clubs or schools , are automatically insured , therefore they need NO special life policy. In each category only 24 participants will be allowed to enter  the competition, thus it is recommended to apply and sign in earlier as 12 of March.

Herzliya main attractions are its beaches. In addition to “Dabush” beach (from south to north) we can name the most famous ones: “Disabled beach”, “Acadia”, “Hasharon” and “sidney-Ali”. All of these sea shores are kept clean, with kiosks, bars and fashionable but fairly expensive fish restaurants. Life guards are always stationed at post between the hours of activities (usually 08:00 – 19:00). The “Disabled beach” is located with close proximity to the marine mall which offers plenty of shops and cooling down in the summer. “Hasharon” beach is dogs friendly. “Acadia” beach is disability accessible with elevators. All beaches have chairs and shades which will cost you an extra of 10 Euros. Between middle of May till October sunshine is guaranteed.

Alongside the “Disabled beach” shore lyes the Herzeliya marine, with café, great fish restaurants and the amazing “Ritz-Carlton” hotel that host you like royals for your surfing vacation.

Herzliya “Apoloniya” natural park reserve

Above the beach shore you can find the “Apoloniya” natural park reserve, a remains of a small city with its crusader fortress to protect the naval port. The city dates back to the Persian era inhabited by the “Finikns” who used its natural port for marital commerce and Crimson coloring from the shells on the beach, named “Tel-Asresh” after the “Finik’s” Gods of war, and like many Israeli historical sites switched owners through Hellenistic, then Roman, Bezants, Muslim, Crusaders that built its iconic fortress, and later destroyed by Muslims-Mamlucks in the end of the 13th century.  200 years later the “Sidney-Ali” musk been built nearby to commemorate the battle victory. The 2 locations are connected with a 500 meters “Lovers lane” promenade alongside the cliffs shores, and it is perfect for night romance and meteoritic rain watch.