A Visit To Eilat

Written by Zvika Gasner Koheleth 7-January-2020, Edited 24-March-20121, Photography by Angela Hechtfisch

How To Get To Eilat

The traveling to the city of Eilat may be called a “journey”. It’s a full 5-hour drive from Tel Aviv. The journey is as fascinating for its desert view but as difficult and challenging. There are 3 main ways to reach Eilat: From Tel Aviv taking road #1 to Jerusalem and then road #90 alongside the North part of the Dead Sea through the “Bikaa”. Either, taking #6 road (a toll road), then continuing with road #31 to the city of Arad, and then turn to #90 at the “Bikaa”. Also, and most likely the most eye-catching BUT more challenging drive is from #6, switching the injunction at the city of Beer-Sheva and driving to the town of “Mizpe Ramon”, stopping at the Mizpe-ramon observatory looking at the Ramon crater, and then driving to it though road #40 through this enormous crater, all the way to Eilat. Altogether, these 3 driving roads to Eilat have simply unbelievable desert scenery, where the 1st is with wild Dead Sea view, the 2nd with “Habikaa” view and the 3rd tops with crater watch. However, if you are looking for a much more comfortable trip you may choose an inland flight from “Ben Gurion” airport to the new “Ramon” airfield, a 25 minutes flight with an extra 10 minutes taxi drive to Eilat city.

Well, it took some time, more precisely NOT less than 5 hours, and here we are, in the city that the sun shines in 355 days out of 365 a year. The city is the escape route for American’s and European’s of the cold November till December winter. The Israelis will do Eilat mostly in April through October, so the winter is off-season prices. When it comes to a type of vacation, whereas the Dead Sea strip is mostly for a health-relaxing-quite tour which will involve more mature and elderly personals, Eilat is more family (with kids) oriented where any type of water activity or sport that exists on earth is available.